Maintain Full Control

  • Review data and sources

  • Change the data or add additional and optional data

  • Save and submit to by December 31, 2023 along with attachments such as Water Loss Audit

Includes Actual Water Use

  • Single-family water use from RY 2022 eAR data

  • Multi-family water use from RY 2022 eAR data

  • Outdoor Irrigation for CII from RY 2022 eAR data

Prefilled Water Loss Data

  • Number of Service Connections from PWSS Water Loss Audit

  • Length of Pipeline

  • Water Loss Standard

Computes Water Use Objective

  • Service Area Residential Population from RY 2022 eAR data

  • Existing Irrigable Irrigated Residential Landscape Area

  • Irrigable Not Irrigated Residential Landscape Area

Access your pre-filled report

The California Data Collaborative (CaDC) has launched the Urban Water Use Objective (UWUO) Easy Report, an initiative to streamline the reporting process to assist urban water agencies in meeting the January 1, 2024 Making Conservation a California Way of Life reporting requirements.

An UWUO Easy Report is provided free for every urban water agency. Each report is downloadable, editable and pre-filled with an agency’s public data such as population, water loss target, and evapotranspiration. Each report contains the most essential data and agencies can easily add other info to help meet compliance.

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One Software Tool for the Whole Team

Water usage dashboard

Water Use Efficiency

See individual water use budgets and trends for planning, and quantify the impacts of water efficiency programs and policies to meet water saving targets

Customer service dashboard

Customer Service

All the information you need to address high use complaints and direct them to personalized water saving resources

Water resources dashboard

Water Resources

Track water demand trends by customer class, location, and weather to help with forecasting and reporting

operations dashboard


Flag potential problems early, identify misreads and failing registers, and recoup revenue

GIS dashboard


Specialized GIS tools support the water efficiency workflows your organization needs

Case Studies

Collaborative solutions for the state’s water challenges

The CaDC is governed by our member water suppliers whose collaboration paves the way to develop data-driven tools, resources, and best practices to address issues that affect the entire water industry.

The development of this easy report was made possible by the support of CaDC's members. If you'd like to learn more about CaDC membership, please send us an email or schedule an introductory call.

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